The whole ERL World (Framework) covers two main complementary structures:

common denominator:

ERL Premises

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ERL Association (founded in 2018) gathers academics, practitioners etc. as its ERL Members, publishes ERL Journal, runs ERL Projects, and provides scientific support for different ERL Events. ERL Manifesto ERL Group (founded in 2023) brings together societies, institutions, etc. as its ERL Partners, creates ERL conceptual Bank, advocates ERL Paradigm, and strives to enhance ERL Socials.
formal informal
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Please NOTE that the two ERL structures above are NOT the same as ERL Network, which is an additional informal structure (created in 2016, i.e. prior to ERL Association & ERL Group), hosted by a website of the University of Gdańsk (Poland) – Educational Role of Language Network. As the earliest entity, ERL Network remains the official organiser or ERL Conferences.  ERL Network on Facebook