ERL Journal is designated for papers on cross-disciplinary, educational and linguistic, issues. It is meant to address (I) the position of language and how it is put into practice across different schools, cultures, methods and personalities, and (II) the experiencing of language by learners in terms of their language beliefs, activity, affect and cognition. ERL Journal includes theoretical and empirical papers, presenting qualitative and quantitative approaches. Resting on the overarching premise of language shaping our reality and education (assignment of meanings to the world and subject matter learnt), it ultimately aims to unravel this process and to boost the position of language in education. ERL Journal’s MISSION STATEMENT.
ERL Journal is international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, and double-blinded. It follows its OPEN ACCESS STATEMENT.

Its area of interest comprises ‘Scope Major‘ (issues marked as ‘Module 1’) and ‘Scope Minor‘ (issues marked as ‘Module 2’).




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