Reasons for joining.

We believe that ERL Association can make a difference – both in our understanding of how language determines education and in educational systems throughout the world. The Association is the global platform for interdisciplinary projects cutting across language and education. See the range of scientific, financial, practical and strategic ERLA membership BENEFITS


States & people that have already joined.

We are currently working on the ERLA profiles of people who have communicated it to us that they wish to join and study the four areas together.

See our members presented graphically or a list.      


Our informal background.

We decided to establish the association with some of our colleagues from the (unofficial) ERL Network, which is now formed by nearly 100 academics from 26 states around the world. The Network shall continue to operate alongside the Association, yet those that wish to cooperate more closely and comprehensively through international projects and publications are encouraged to join it. See how ERL-NETWORK operates.

 Become our member.

We do encourage you to join ERL Association if your work relates to both language and education. As we favour clarity and shun complexity, the procedure is simple: you email us at and present yourself, after which we peruse your application and approve you as a member if we find your participation mutually beneficial.

See ERL-Association-regulations

If you wish to join us and/or require the password, please email us at the address above.

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