Anita Bright

Portland State University, USA/ Bethlehem University, Palestine;

Mary Goodrich 

Al Quds Open University, Palestine;

Caroline Purcell 

Mount St. Mary’s University Seminary, USA/ An-Najah National University, Palestine;

Kimberly Ilosvay

Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine;



Bibliographic citation: (ISSN 2657-9774) Educational Role of Language Journal.  Volume 2023-1(9).  THE AFFECTIVE SIDE OF LANGUAGE LEARNING AND USE , pp. 7-20.



As educators, we recognize the centrality of humanness above and beyond everything else in our professional practice. As such, the affective aspects of instructional engagement rest at the center of language learning and teaching. Through this paper, four educators from the US explore the ways the affective side of language learning and use shows up in their work in Palestine. Drawing from feminist epistemologies, critical race theory, and liberatory practices, the authors trace the trajectories of their professional practices, and explore the ways they learned to center the affective aspects of instruction, leveraging culturally sustaining practices, and highlighting various ways to engage in solidarity. Through four vignettes, set at four distinctly different Palestinian institutions of higher education, each contributor highlights a unique experience that exemplifies centering the affective aspects of language teaching and learning.

Keywords: Palestine, affective, relationships, solidarity, occupation 

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