Michał Daszkiewicz


Contact details

EMAIL: michal.daszkiewicz@ug.edu.pl

TEL: +48 509 747 531

SKYPE: mikedashky



University of Gdańsk

Faculty of Social Sciences

Institute of Education

Division of Research on Childhood and School


University of Gdańsk

Faculty of Languages and History

PhD in Applied Linguistics

University of Gdańsk

Faculty of Language and History

Institute of English

M.A. in English Philology


ERL SCOPE MAJOR: Language and Schooling, Language and Personality

ERL SCOPE MINOR: Language(-)Beliefs, Language(-)Affect


TITLE: Oracy in School Culture

ROLE: Polish Coordinator

SCOPE: Comparison of L2 oracy aspects between Polish and Portuguese primary schools at the level of curricula, approaches, teaching methods and assessment





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ERL framework – initiator

ERL Conferences – ERL I and ERL II host and organiser, ERL III and ERL IV co-organiser

ERL Network – coordinator

ERL Association – founder

ERL Journal – editor-in-chief, Strand 2-3 coordinator