How do language and beliefs relate to each other? Does it matter what we think of the language(s) we learn and use? 

To discuss these fundamental – but frequently disregarded – issues,

DO JOIN US at the 2024 – LIVE – conference devoted to the AXIOLOGICAL side of language and of linguistic education!


In order for the event to be possibly comprehensive, its scope will range from concepts to sciences. Such broadening of perspective we intend to achieve by orienting the event around four (increasingly wider) modules reflecting 4 major aims:

Major objective Module Exemplary problems
to discuss different perspectives on the link between language and beliefs (language OF beliefs, language VS. beliefs, beliefs ABOUT language, beliefs-oriented language, etc.) CONNECTIONS

What is first – language or beliefs?

What beliefs concerning language do teachers and students hold?

to address the language-and-beliefs link on the level of (complex) personal identities/structures, educational systems, societies and cultures SYSTEMS

What (personal, cultural, societal) factors determine our beliefs concerning language?

To what extent is the axiological side of language taken into account by different educational systems across the globe?

to consider how the axiological component of language determines how we feel ABOUT language (affect), what we do WITH language (actions), and how we understand the world THROUGH language (cognition) DOMAINS

How do our linguistic beliefs relate to our language skills and to our overall linguistic success?

Which views concerning language are profitable and which are detrimental for the teaching and learning of languages?

to share how various disciplines contribute to our understanding of the language-and-beliefs link and to embark on interdisciplinary studies not undertaken earlier in the field DISCIPLINES

Which theories address the axioogical dimension of language learning and use?

Which methodologies to apply for studies of the language-and-beliefs link?




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