ERL Network, sharing the goals of ERL Association – (1) to study and boost the position of language in education, and (2) to bridge the gap between linguistic and educational studies, invites you to its ERL V international conference. ERL Network invites all reseachers and practitioners who wish to place language in the centre of schooling – meaning not necessarily linguists (who are most welcome, too), but also those studying how linguistic and pedagogical phenomena rest on each other.

The Conference will be organised LIVE (not online)

ERL V Conference rests on the following facts and a simple conclusion:


Language shapes one’s identity and understanding of the world.

Hence, all education rests on language.

Hence, every teacher is a language teacher.

Hence, language merits a special position in education.


Educational and linguistic sciences need to work hand in hand on four levels:

1. on the INSTRUCTIONAL level: Language needs to be “invited” more into classrooms

2. on the SYSTEMIC level: Language needs to be assigned a paradigmatic role

in the construction of hybrid educational systems

3. on the CULTURAL level: Language needs to be viewed as the platform of

cultural change and  intercultural communication

4. on the SOCIETAL level: Language needs to be prioritized as

the dominant “player” in civilizational change


The Conference will be preceded – on 20 June 2022 – by an informal meeting for all those keen to join and contribute to the ERL Framework – meaning ERL Association, ERL Network, ERL Events, and/or ERL Journal.



If you have any questions, wishes, commens, suggestions, etc., do feel free to write at