16 November 2022 (Wed: 9.30-12.45 CET) & 17 November 2022 (Thu: 16.30-19.45 CET)

As we have been faced with a number of unusually tough challenges in recent times such as COVID-19, a war in Europe, migration, political unrest, etc., we want to discuss with you the toll they have taken on your teaching and learning. In our discussions – as the graphic suggests – we want to see light at the end of this turbulent tunnel. Being particularly interested in the linguistic, educational, social, and cultural aftermath of these challenges, we would like to focus primarily on the following quesions:

  1. What effects have the recent challenges had on the linguistic sphere of education?
  2. What theories and practices have you applied when dealing with the recent challenges?
  3. To what extent has schooling become more linked to other educational contexts?
  4. What does your experience at these challenging times imply for the future?

To discuss these issues comprehensively enough, we seek participation of

educational scientists, applied linguists, sociolinguists, psycholinguistics, journalists, curricula designers, anthropologists, teachers, and other professionals whose daily work and research rests relates to linguistic well-being

You can find talk titles from all our online sessions HERE.