ERL Online Sessions (run by ERL Association) is the place where you can share your IDEAS on LANGUAGE & EDUCATION.

The (quarterly) sessions are free-of-charge, open, and unofficial. (For dates, go “up” to the ERL Events website.)

The (4-step) system is very simple: as an ERL Session speaker, you

(1) any issue falling within the scope

CHOOSE ANY TOPIC on the intersection of language and pedagogy which you feel passionate about,


In ERLA we welcome any topics which relate to language and are significant for education. Tell us why your topic matters!
(2) from your idea

then, GIVE AN ERL TALK lasting not more than 16 minutes, doing your best to avoid any formal language,


We value the informality and relaxed atmosphere of the sessions. New participants receive a very friendly welcome. 
(3) through our remarks

and GET IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK during your talk provided via a shared spreadsheet by the session’s participants.


Two heads are better than one and …everyone is busy these days. That’s why we collect feedback as you talk.
(4) to your own sub-forum

Finally, you CAN JOIN ERL ASSOCIATION and RUN YOUR OWN PLATFORM (‘topic’) on ERLA’s Forum.

ERLA Forum offers mutual exchange – it’s the right place to leave ERL-related questions and develop your own theme. 


If your interests lie on the intersection of language and pedagogy, JOIN US.

For more information email us at: