The WHY of ERL Association. Language underlies and binds education. It merits a special place in educational studies and, with its highly complex character, it calls for interdisciplinary cooperation across subjects, schools and cultures. As we know from the so-called ‘linguistic turn’, how we learn and how we see the world around us is strongly determined by language. The association aims to systematize theoretical and empirical studies undertaken at the wide intersection of educational science and linguistics.

The WHO of ERL Association. Studies of the educational role of language necessitate interdisciplinarity. Accordingly, we shall be happy to “join forces” with, for instance, sociolinguists, psycholinguists, applied linguists, linguistic anthropologists, theoreticians of education, experts of developmental psychology, comparative or cultural linguistics experts, cognitive scientists, and specialists of many other subdisciplines, whose considerations and findings might widen our awareness of how language operates in education.

The HOW of ERL Association. To understand the educational role of language, internationalization is required. Therefore, we meet at annual ERL Conferences, jointly undertake ERL Projects, publish together and are currently developing the foundations of ERL Journal, refer to our colleagues from the ERL Network, and, most importantly for the Association’s aims, seek devout ERL Members. Do contact us at if you believe that your work might inform our joint strivings.

The WHAT of ERL Association. Our focus is deliberately broad and we study the educational role of language at the level of SCHOOL, CULTURE, METHODS and PERSONALITY. Additionally, within this extensive field we apply a (narrower) language user-oriented perspective by studying language beliefs (what we THINK OF language), language activity (what we DO WITH language), language affect (how we FEEL ABOUT language),and language matrices of reality interpretation (how we UNDERSTAND THROUGH language), all of which complement and support one another.