The benefits of ERLA membership are fourfold, pertaining to the following levels:


  • participation in key comprehensive ERL projects
  • direct impact on the scope of ERL publications
  • partaking in ERLA Special Interest Groups
  • carrying out scientific activity under ERLA’s auspices

2. FINANCIAL level

  • discounts in ERL conference fees
  • support in soliciting funding for research and publications
  • preferential involvement in activities designated specially for ERLA members
  • joint applications for ERL-related grants

3. PRACTICAL level

  • access to ERLA’s researcher databases and ERLA’s FORUM.
  • presentation of academic work on ERLA’s website
  • use of the functionalities of ERLA’s website designated for the members
  • serving the role of reviewers of ERL publications and, possibly, editors of ERL volumes

4. STRATEGIC level

  • partaking in decisions concerning ERLA’s further development
  • organisation of conferences, seminars, etc. constructed upon  ERLA’s framework
  • dissemination of research via ERL conferences and ERL publications
  • holding the position of national/local ERLA representatives

Additionally, all ERLA members can have their own ERLA personal pages, linked to,  

and share content – facts, ideas, concepts, findings – on the ERL Projects’ subpages concerning yearly themes.