Thoralf Tews

Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany;


Bibliographic citation: (ISSN 2657-9774) Educational Role of Language Journal.  Volume 2021-2(6).  COVID-19 – LINGUISTIC WELL-BEING (BEFORE DURING, AND AFTER THE PANDEMIC), pp. 39-41


A recapitulation of speaker reluctance before and during the pandemic

It would be far from true to say the global Covid-19 pandemic is over. Looking at secondary education, however, a number of English teachers must feel that they went full circle: From the ‘usual’ teaching in a classroom to online-lessons, distance learning, some hybrid models and back to the classroom. Looking back at the time before the outbreak of Coronavirus, teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) included various difficulties, students’ reluctance to speak being one of the omnipresent ones.

As a ubiquitous problem, teachers invest great amounts of energy…


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