Sabina Halupka-Rešetar

University of Novi Sad, Serbia;


Bibliographic citation: (ISSN 2657-9774) Educational Role of Language Journal.     Volume 2020-2(4).  (Re-)Shaping One’s Identity with Language, pp. 25-28



In the Search of a Language Pedagogical Paradigm, edited by Michał Daszkiewicz (University of Gdańsk) and Anna Dąbrowska (University of Warsaw) is the third volume published within the Educational Role of Language (ERL) framework. Like the volumes that preceded it and in line with the objectives of the ERL Association, which is to study and boost the position of language in education and to bridge the gap between linguistic and educational studies, this volume also explores the many facets of the educational role of language at the level of school, culture, methods and personality. These, along with the experiencing of language by learners in terms of their language beliefs, activity, affect and cognition, represent the main goals and the scope of the ERL Association and are all addressed in the 16 papers which comprise this book. Though the volume centres around how language is and should be implemented in education,…

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