Elena Kov√°ńćikov√°

Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia; https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3302-7141


DOI: https://doi.org/10.36534/erlj.2019.01.15

Bibliographic citation: (ISSN 2657-9774) Educational Role of Language Journal.     Volume 2019-1(1).  Boosting the Educational Experiencing of Language, pp. 149-151



Languages do not serve as communication means only anymore as above its fundamental function they open the doors and reveal a lot aboutthe world of linguistics, culture, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, literature, mother tongue acquisition and interconnections of different existing and non-existing languages at various layers and through different aspects.The conference under the title ¬īEducational Role of Language¬ī is held in Craiova, Romania on 17-18 June 2019. It is the fourth time when the people-experts working, studying, exploring or investigating the language in the fields of schooling institutions or research centres focusing onforeign or native language acquisition, teaching and learningand literary research, gather in order to discuss their academic success, issues and challenges. The previous three meetings encompassed thelanguage as a¬†common denominator of all the discussions, plenary talks, and group sessions with the promising potential for international cooperation in further research. An idea that sparkled on the meetings was developed into the ERL association as a proof of the thoughtful and meticulous work of the organizers and initiators. This paper recalls the previous work and achievements of the ERL conferences held in the university premises as well as the present state and future directions of the successful series, ending with the definitions of ERL association…

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