Vojislav Jovanovińᬆ

University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, SERBIA, Greece; https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5223-8617

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36534/erlj.2023.03.01

Bibliographic citation: (ISSN 2657-9774) Educational Role of Language Journal.  Special Volume 1 (2023) LSD EDUCATION SERVING CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION, pp. 10-22



Modern teaching aids are always welcome when teaching LSP at the university. One of those aids are didactic apps or platforms that enable students’ creativity to come to the fore. Powtoon, a free animation studio platform, has already shown positive reactions from students worldwide, according to recent studies (Pais et al. 2017, Yuliani et al. 2021, and Ramachandiran & Mahmud 2019). Its tendency to replace traditional formative assessment methods is more and more noticeable. For our research and our analysis, we have chosen two generations of students studying at the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies in Serbia, Department for Forensic Engineering. These were two study groups of students who during  their course Engleski jezik 2, and as part of their continuous, formative assessment, were asked to present a topic related to forensic science using all the multimedia resources at their disposal Powtoon has to offer. The outcome was creative and eye-catching projects. Subsequently, students were asked to complete an anonymous Likert scale survey on their experience using the platform. 12 university students agreed to take part. The aim was to test how practical and efficient using this platform is in LSP education, i.e. improving language skills, as well as how it fosters positive motivation in learning how to use new media content. The results are that students generally find the platform useful for improving their language skills. There are mixed views on the user-friendliness the app offers and the media content available. Further comparative research is needed to determine, for example, how students from other departments of the University could use the same study model when drafting their multimedia assignment related to their professional field.

Keywords: Powtoon, teaching LSP, formative assessment, forensic science


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