Contact details: ihorvathova@ukf.skĀ 
Affiliation: Faculty of Arts, Department of English and American Studies, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia
ERLA key words; (wordless) picture books, teaching methods and techniques at primary schoolsused by EFL learners, intercultural competence, development of vocabulary to young EFL learners using wordless picture books, development of social-emotional skills to young EFL learners
ERLA key problems: How do young EFL learners develop their vocabulary using wordless picture books? Which educational elements do wordless picture books contain to develop vocabulary to young EFL learners? How to evaluate visuals in wordless picture books? Which effective approaches to teaching poetry are used to develop learnerĀ“s personality within the context of international cross-cultural communication?

I am in ERLAssociation because it connects university teachers, researchers and professionals in the field of language, culture, methodology, linguistics and psychology. My role is to explore key problems mentioned above sharing my research results with ERLA Members and get inspired by their research interests and pedagogical practice. Ā 

Ā  Educational role of language means to learn how to communicate in a foreign language using (from the perspective of my research interests) childrenĀ“s literature, wordless picture books and poetry shapinglearnerĀ“s personality cognitively, emotionally and socially.Ā Ā 

As an ERLA active member I would like to be in touch with various professionals in my and also other related fields of my research and pedagogical interests in order to create meaningful, practical and internationally accepted outcomes useful for ERLA members and also for other colleagues interested in these fields.

    Under ERLA partnerships I would like to study the following issues: the role of emotions in learningforeign language, learnerĀ“s way of thinking and saving information during foreign language learning, promotion of childrenĀ“s literature and (wordless) picture books as an interactive tool in a teaching process.