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Affiliation: Department of English Language and Culture,Faculty of Education, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia
ERLA key words; ELT, very young learners, teenagers and adults, CLIL, teaching music through English, mindfulness in education, languages and special need learners
ERLA key problems: How does a foreign language acquisition affect the development of a mother tongue and vice versa? How to motivate teenagers? How to succeed in teaching very young learners? How to increase motivation and effectiveness when teaching English to ´different´ learners?

ERL Association connects and joins people of the same and different views on issues in education. We all want to grow and raise valuable people so that our being makes sense. Cooperation or at least communication always helps in growing both – the learners but also the educators. My role here is to communicate, connect, join, and grow.

Educational role of language means communication or any form of expression inside and outside educational institutions, with an intention but also without a direct intention to educate.

As an ERLA member I would like to be a part of the annual events that are always very rich in ideas and resourceful studies.

    Under ERLA partnerships I would like to study learning and teaching process, cross-curricular connections of language and non-linguistic subjects, support in teaching learners with specific needs, support and innovation in language teacher education