Giuli Shabashvili, Ketevan Gochitashvili

Tbilisi State University and University Geomedi, Georgia;,


Bibliographic citation: (ISSN 2657-9774) Educational Role of Language Journal.     Volume 2020-2(4).  (Re-)Shaping One’s Identity with Language, pp. 29-41



The aim of the paper is to introduce some practical exercises and activities to the teachers of Georgian as a second language. These activities will help the teachers in the teaching process. In addition to this, these activities are designed to help second language learners who grow up in a Georgian environment and are more or less familiar with the realities of the dominant culture but are not fully able to establish effective and successful communication and socialisation due to language scarcity and insufficient cultural and socio-cultural competencies. The paper introduces six practical activities based on scientific research and theoretical background, and presents a table outlining each activity in terms of teaching purpose, level, language competence, outcomes, and teacher’s role. The paper employs descriptive methods, hence different activities are provided and analysed. The paper is also based on the method of observation (classroom observation), each exercise is tested by us in the classroom environment.

Keywords: Culture, teaching target culture, l2 teaching, role of language instructor, practical activities for l2 teaching

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