Naveen Kumar Mehta, Dharmendra Mehta

Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies, Barla, India; Pt JNIBM and HOD S.S. in Commerce, V.U., Ujjain, India;,, 0000-0001-9890-251X



Bibliographic citation: (ISSN 2657-9774) Educational Role of Language Journal.     Volume 2019-2(2).  Enhancing multiculturalism in EFL communication, pp. 124-130



Presentation skill is an art that can enable the professionals to scale new heights of excellence in their work stations. Presentation demands thorough understanding of the talk, strategic planning, awareness about the audience, good hold on voice modulation, and adequate knowledge about non-verbal cues, judicious use of multi-media, time management, and mastery over communication, active listening, and good reading habits. Language indubitably is a very instrumental in translation ideas into words. The methodology adopted for the entire elucidation is conceptual one in which research is conducted by observing and analyzing the problem. The paper is based on secondary information collected through personal interviews, research papers, related websites, journals and magazines. The secondary data here implies a close review of previously collected data in the area of present research study. The study presents a conceptual model so as to use English as a link language for effective presentation skills in exploring personal and professional opportunities. Only a few empirical research studies have been attempted in this context and highlighted that presentation skills are integrated part of employability kills and therefore transferable in nature, can be taught and could be a key factor for employment along with personal and professional growth in multicultural settings. Use of English as a lingua franca enables the users to develop presentation skills to work collaboratively with professionals from nation, cultural and linguistic background.

Keywords: presentation, professional, communication, language, education, management 

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