Anna DńÖbrowska¬†

University of Warsaw, Poland;



Bibliographic citation: (ISSN 2657-9774) Educational Role of Language Journal.     Volume 2019-1(1).  Boosting the Educational Experiencing of Language, pp. 76-82



The impact that language has on human cognitive processes unquestionably points to its educational value.  A man acquires a language and through language learns the world. Thereby language becomes both the tool and the object of cognition. Language shapes the user’s perception of the world as well as introducing them into a given linguistic and cultural community. Youth slang Рbeing a socially-based language variety Рprimarily performs a social function. So far it has been classified as a lower language register of limited usage and therefore has not been studied with respect to its educational value. However, in the present-day cultural context youth slang becomes more commonly used and, consequently, the question What exactly does youth slang teach? seems vital. The article will cover the following problems: What is the educational role of language? What do we mean by educational role of language referring to the particular variety which is Polish youth slang?

Keywords: educational role of language, youth slang, functions of language, sociolect

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