Monika Kusiak-Pisowacka


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T: +48126634432


POLAND, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Faculty of Philology. Professor of English  in the Institute of English Studies; Head of the Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching Section

Teaches: MA seminars, Research methods in Applied Linguistics, Current issues in Applied Linguistics, SLA Acquisition   

academic degree(s): MA in English Philology, PhD in Linguistics, habilitation in Linguistics, Professor of Jagiellonian University, Kraków


LANGUAGE AND SCHOOLING: academic discourse

LANGUAGE AND CULTURE: intercultural communicative competence


LANGUAGE AND PERSONALITY: attitudes, metacogniton



1/ The effect of metacognitive strategy training on reading comprehension and metacognitive knowledge. (2001) – author of an empirical study into the role of strategy instruction on secondary school FL learners’ metacognition knowledge and their reading comprehension

2/ Reading comprehension in Polish and English: Evidence from an introspective study. (2013): author of an empirical project that aimed to compare how Polish EFL learners read in their L1 and FL

3/ Facilitating educated talk in a foreign language classroom. (2013) – author of a small scale classroom study into factors that contribute to developing educated talk of university students

4/ Mental model theories in reading research and instruction. (2016)– author of a discussion concerning mental model theories and their contribution to both reading instruction and studies into reading processes

5/Developing intercultural competence in an academic foreign language classroom. (2018): author of an empirical study into the role of the university classes in enhancing university students’ intercultural competence

6/ Educational role of language skills (2018): author of the chapter on the reading to learn and learning to read issues


Participant of:

1st International Pedagogical and Linguistic Conference ‘EDUCATIONAL ROLE OF LANGUAGE. LEARN TO SPEAK, SPEAK TO LEARN’, University of Gdansk, Poland 2016, 9-10 June

2nd International Pedagogical and Linguistic Conference ‘EDUCATIONAL ROLE OF LANGUAGE. SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DETERMINANTS’, University of Gdansk, Poland 2017, 12-13 June

Member of  ERL Association

Inspired by ERL Network, the author of the following publications:

Kusiak-Pisowacka, M. 2019. (Inter)cultural components in EFL teaching: evidence from pre-service teachers’ projects. ERL Journal Volume 2019-2(2): 131-141.

Kusiak-Pisowacka, M. 2017. W kierunku dwujęzyczności w edukacji wczesnoszkolnej – problemy nauczania czytania w języku obcym na przykładzie języka angielskiego/Towards bilingualism in primary school education – problems in teaching reading in English as a foreign language. Problemy Wczesnej Edukacji / Issues in Early Education. 36 (1): 42-53; DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0010.1997

Kusiak-Pisowacka, M. 2018. Developing intercultural competence in an academic foreign language classroom. Beyond Philology 15(1): 134-154.


The result of cooperation within ERL network:

Daszkiewicz, Michał, Ryszard Wenzel i Kusiak-Pisowacka, Monika, 2018. Educational Role of Language Skills. Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego.


Member of the editorial board of ERL Journal