Affiliation: Latvia,  University of Latvia
ERLA key words; language as a subject and language as a mean for  acquiring other subjects, content and language integrated learning (CLIL)
ERLA key problems: language teaching and learning in the ethnic ang language heterogeneous classes, problems of teaching grammar at school,language competence of secondary education institution graduates for career development, language teaching during education reforms

My professional interest is to learn the experience of other countries in teaching language, critically evaluate it and use it for development of Latvian language didactic, as well as to offer my experience to others.

Language is a means of thinking, language is a means of cognizing and learning culture, language is a means of self-expression and self-regulation. Language is important in the process of learning every subject. Understanding language is not just about speaking, reading or writing without mistakes. Understanding language is about understanding and explaining not only your own experience, but experience of previous generations, too.  

Being with people who understand that language isn’t just a subject of learning at school. .

    How to teach language in the ethnically and linguistically heterogeneous classroom.